October 1, 2021

The 2021 water year will is coming to a close, we will begin taking the water out of the canal on Oct 15, 2021. I want to thank everyone for their consideration and patience during a difficult water year. Let's hope for a wet winter.

Best Regards,

Jason Morgado
Cache Highline Water Association
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July 27, 2021

Cache Highline Water Users:

I first want to express my gratitude for the users that are making a concerted effort to follow restrictions. If you know of users not receiving these notifications, please direct them to cachehighline.com, where they can sign up for notifications.

I have heard rumors that we will be shutting down in August, THIS IS NOT TRUE! If we are going to shut down the canal prior to Oct 15th you will be notified. Since we have done so well to distribute the demand and stagger agricultural watering we are doing ok and are prepared for more drastic measures should they arise. Compliance is mandatory by all users and any abuse will result in loss of water privileges for the remainder of the season.

Remember, we are all neighbors and please conduct yourselves as such.



1 water share is worth less than 3 gallons per minute (gpm) (Per Kimball Decree). An average sprinkler system runs at 30 gpm, which means,1 full share of water amounts to about 6 hours twice a week per 1 water share. If a user has only 1/2 a share, then that user has 3 hours twice a week to water. If you are not sure of how many shares you have feel free to call or text me (435-512-4068).
It is time to water what you consider critical vegetation, users can water what they want as long it is watered within the time/gal allocation.

Agricultural Users:

Please contact head gate managers or me to schedule watering days.

One line on per field.
Strict 12-hour sets, water managers will be keeping track.
If you have substantial leaks or broken heads, water managers will be shutting down lines.

100 43.1 34.48 0.0047 2.12 3059.29
110 47.8 38.24 0.0053 2.36 3392.9  Current River Flow
120 52.5 42 0.0058 2.59 3726.51
130 57.4 45.92 0.0063 2.83 4074.32
140 62.1 49.68 0.0068 3.06 4407.93
150 66.9 53.52 0.0074 3.3 4748.64
160 71.7 57.36 0.0079 3.53 5089.35
170 76.4 61.12 0.0084 3.77 5422.96
180 81.3 65.04 0.0089 4.01 5770.77
190 86 68.8 0.0095 4.24 6104.38
200 90.8 72.64 0.01 4.48 6445.09 RESTRICTIONS
210 95.6 76.48 0.0105 4.71 6785.8
220 100.3 80.25 0.011 4.94 7119.41
230 105.4 84.32 0.0116 5.2 7481.42
240 109.9 87.92 0.121 5.42 7800.83 MAX FLOW
250 114.7 91.76 0.0126 5.65 8141.54
260 119.3 95.44 0.0131 5.88 8468.05
270 122.3 97.04 0.0134 6.03 8681
280 127 101.6 0.014 6.26 9014.61
290 127 101.6 0.014 6.26 9014.61
300 141.6 113.28 0.0156 6.98 10050.93
*CHWA flow minus 20% seepage and evaporative loss

Best Regards,Jason Morgado
Cache Highline Water Association
email. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

June 17, 2021

CHWA Shareholders:

In order to reduce the demand on our system at night. ALL RESIDENTIAL WATER MUST BE DONE DURING THE DAY BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 6AM-6PM. Also no more than twice a week. If I continue to see infractions I will start
Closing Headgates. There are no exceptions! Thank you for you cooperation and understanding during this unprecedented drought.

Questions or concerns please contact me directly. Jason Morgado 435-512-4068
Best Regards,

Jason Morgado
Cache Highline Water Association
email. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

June 15, 2021

CHWA Shareholders:

With the river dropping below 200 CFS we are now under water restrictions. We are experiencing the worst drought in years. What does this mean?
1. All residential watering is to be done between the hours of 6am-6pm. And no more than 2 days per week.
2. All Agriculture needs to be watering with 12 hour sets, and week to 10 days between waterings.
3. Check and double check for broken heads on all systems.
4. Ag users, please be diligent with your birds and leaks. If your line leaks or a head is missing, please repair it before it’s turned on.

I will be notifying Headgate and pipeline managers regarding further Restrictions as they happen as well as if users are watering outside of their allotted time. I appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through this water shortage, please be mindful of those further down the line. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Best Regards,
Jason Morgado

April 19, 2021

CHWA Shareholders, there is water in the upper canal. We will be filling the pipeline the weekend of April 17th, 2021. Water will be moved to the user valves Monday and Tuesday April 19th and 20th, Head gate managers will be notified. We already have a less than average start to the water year and are starting under restrictions, please be mindful and cognizant of your water usage. Contact your Head gate managers for watering schedules. Any other questions contact Jason at 435-512-4068. Thank you! Let’s hope for some more rain!

March 8, 2021

Due to the current Corona Virus situation, the CHWA Board of Directors has decided to CANCEL the CHWA 2021 Annual Meeting of the Shareholders. Board of directors whose terms would expire at the annual meeting, have all agreed to continue serving until such time as the next Shareholder Meeting. If you have individual questions or concerns, please contact our Operations Manager, Jason Morgado (435) 512-4068 or Water Manger’s, Erik Ashcroft (435) 881-2280 and Luke Bair (208) 670-2933. Please note; Kim Cronquist is no longer with CHWA. It looks like we will have a “below normal” water year. Water allocation will be under the direction of the Water Masters and all head-gate managers are required to work closely with the water managers for their allocation. We urge all users to be as conservative as possible utilizing the water!

October 6, 2020

"CHWA Shareholders, thank you for another successful water season. We will be closing the main headgate on October 15th and the pipeline will be drained shortly thereafter. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me at 435-512-4068. Thanks again and let's hope for another good winter."
Thank you.
Jason Morgado

August 5, 2020

“Recent water restrictions from the Logan River Commissioner require that all residential watering must be done between the hours of 7am-7pm.  By complying with these new restrictions we can maintain our flow regulation system and ensure everyone receives the water they need.  Please inform the users on your turnout. Your cooperation is highly appreciated.  Please contact me at 435-512-4068 if you have any questions or concerns.”
Thank you.
Jason Morgado

April 16, 2020

To All Shareholders,  

As of now we are looking at least a good or above average water year.

As of this today the snow water equivalent average is 111% (Tony Grove Lake 117%, Franklin Basin 101%, & Temple Fork 103%). This is compared with the averages on the date’s runoff begins for each site.

The precipitation average is 93% (Tony Grove Lake 105%, Franklin Basin 92%, Temple Fork 95%). This is compared with averages for the same dates as above.

Current precipitation is adding to those percentages as I write this. If we don’t warm up to rapidly, we will have a good water year. Let’s still stick to our schedules and water conscientiously.

We are currently running a little water through the upper canal and getting it clean and ready to turn into the pipeline. Due to some construction delays on 3100 North going through the pipeline will not be pressured up until the 23rd of April. Luckily, we have a few storms between now and then, as well having very good soil moisture.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact our water managers Jason and Kim. All contact information can be found on our website.

Thank you,

Jason Morgado

October 10, 2019

October 10, 2019

We have had a great water year in 2019 and we would thank our head gate managers and end users for being conscientious water users. Do the proper scheduling we had smooth and relatively uneventful water season.

We will be draining the Canal on  Oct. 15, 2019. Head gate managers are welcome to shut down THEIR valve only, prior to us draining the canal. Please do not close the valve between the meter and the pipeline. Thank you for a great water year.
For any questions or concerns feel free to contact our Water Managers:
Jason Morgado
Kim Cronquist
Best Regards
Jason Morgado